Lotus HUD Instructions

FULL Instruction Manual Lotus AO Mood HUD v1 PDF Download

1. From time to time things go missing or break in SL so please create several backups in your inventory of this HUD before you continue.
2. To use the AO right click on it in your inventory and select wear. The ao should attach to your screen. It will automatically replace your default animations.
3. Click the button on the center ring to access the various ‘Petal’ menus.

Animations made for taller avatars can sink into the ground when played on shorter avatars. There is no way to fix this in the creation of animations, it is unfortunately just how SL works. For this reason I have included 4 settings note cards in the HUD that play animations designed for different avatar heights. The Default notecard is for mid height avatars. If the ground sitting animations appear to make you either float, or sink into the ground. Id recommend you try loading the other 3 note cards to see if they work better. To do this click on the Cog icon on your HUDs center section. Select the LOAD option and then select one of the other note cards from the drop down menu.


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